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Tracker will not sync data past April 30

My tracker still updates and displays current day data, however, history is not shopwn past April 30. Does anyone have or have had a similar problem?

3 people have this problem

Fixed again. Fingers crossed!
Same on my Striiv Bio 2 Plus tracker. Still get readings on the tracker but has not updated history on the server since April 28.
My bio 2 won’t show charts updates on app.
Same! Stuck in April. No current history. Does not seem to save data past the current day. VERY frustrating. I have this connected to NOOM, but it does not work.

I've got the same issue with my Apex HR device.
It'll show today's steps, but no past history for the month of May. 

Ditto on my Dash HR. It also stopped tracking sleep at the point too! Something is going on

It was fixed for two days and now it's broke again!
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