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Play Store App Unavailable

Just got one of these from my company as an onboarding gift. The application to sync does not appear to be available on the Google Play Store. What exactly am I supposed to do?

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Great! I just bought a bio2 plus, and brought it home to find this! Does anyone know of another fitness tracking app that this can work with? I managed to get it to pair with my phone, but all I have is the < > showing on the tracker and can't do anything with it.


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FYI, we received this email. So yes, Sakib M is correct - it's now discontinued as of yesterday.


Same issue here in Canada. Is this a discontinued product and services?

Yep! App unavailable in play store or Apple App Store. Also website “unavailable” and “forbidden”. Is this another Tick Tock China issue? I can’t use my Fitbit and I paid for mine...!
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