1. Connect the cradle. Position the charging cradle to connect to the back of the tracker. Make sure to match the notch and pins on the cradle with the round indentation and contact points on the tracker, then snap them together. 

Note: If you find you are using a lot of force to connect the charging cradle to the tracker, double check that the notch and pins of the charging cradle are lined up correctly with the corresponding parts of the activity tracker.

2. Plug it in. Plug the small end of the Micro-USB cable into the cradle, and connect the large end to a USB power source (a USB port in a computer or a USB wall outlet adapter).

3. Charge it to 100 percent. This may take up to 90 minutes. Double-TAP the tracker to check the progress.

4. Charging complete. When the tracker is fully charged for the first time, the screen will read, Put me on. Be sure to wear the tracker during setup for best results.


  • Your Well at Walgreens Activity Tracker is a standalone device, requiring nothing but battery power for use. 
  • This activity tracker will not sync with a computer or smartphone/tablet. However, it can be charged using a computer's USB port.
  • The Micro-USB cable will not connect your activity tracker to a smartphone or tablet.