Tap the side of the activity tracker twice quickly to turn on the screen. This action is called a Double-TAP. The first screen to appear after turning on the device will be the clock. The screen is programmed to 'time-out' or shut off after roughly 5 seconds. 

There are two different types of taps which allow you to navigate through the screens on your device, A tap and B tap:

  • 'A tap' - tapping the left or right side of the wristband closest to the screen will trigger this action. Only one tap is needed to go to the next screen. The 'A tap' allows you to bring up the screen immediately to the right of the current screen displayed. It also increases the numbers and switches between yes and no commands when you setup your activity tracker (which is covered in the following article). 
  • 'B tap' - tapping the longer side of the tracker closest to your hand will trigger this action. Do not tap the screen. The 'B tap' allows you to enter a menu (like History or Settings) or confirm a setting (used to confirm yes/no command when setting up device). Menus like 'History' and 'Settings' will show the B tap indicator - a down arrow seen on the upper right corner of the screen. 

Note: only gentle taps are needed.

Now let's cover tap errors:
  • The display will wiggle up and down if a B tap is used on a screen where a B tap doesn't do anything (e.g. the clock screen). 
  • The screen will flash if you perform a tap that is unclear. 

Want to go back to a previous screen? The activity tracker is designed to only navigate forwards (left to right). It does not navigate backwards. The 'A tap' always cycles through the screens to the first screen or number when you 'A tap' on the last screen. 

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