Let's start with the Main Menu - the heart of your Well at Walgreens activity tracker. The Main Menu consists of:

  • Clock
  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Walk Time
  • Battery Level
  • History
  • Settings

Note: device setup must be complete. Reference the following video for assistance setting up your device. 

To navigate through the various screens, use 'A tap' - triggered when the left or right side of the wristband is tapped closest to the screen. When you reach Settings, 'A tap' will return you to the Clock screen. 

The screen will automatically turn off after roughly 5 seconds. Double tap the side of the device to turn the screen back on. 

Now let's go over the activity screens and what they display:
  • Steps - shows number of steps taken
  • Distance - shows number of miles walked 
  • Calories - shows number of calories burned by walking
  • Walk Time - shows number of minutes of walking

All counts are for the current day. To view previous day counts, reference the following article