The Well at Walgreens activity tracker keeps track of 10 consecutive days of previously recorded activity. To access this data, double tap the side of the device to turn on the screen, then 'A tap' (tap the left or right side of the wristband closest to the screen) until you see the 'History' screen. 'B tap' (tap the longer side of the device closest to your hand) to enter History. Four historical data options will appear: 

  • Steps history
  • Distance history
  • Calories Burned history
  • Walk Time history

Use 'B tap' to view any of the above screens.

There is a function built in to the History section called Historical data auto-progression. When you select Steps history, this function will kick in after you've viewed your step history and let the screen idle for a few seconds. The historical counts for distance, calories, and walk time will auto-display in order from the historical day you were on in step history. 

The "-(#)d" symbol displayed to the right of the count represents the number of days previous, associated with when the count was recorded. A "-2d" would mean that the count displayed was recorded 2 days ago. 

To exit history, simply allow the screen to turn off automatically after roughly 5 seconds. 

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