First things first, if you haven't set any of these settings, reference the following video.

Now that the Well at Walgreens activity tracker is setup, you may need to adjust time, weight or height settings at some point. To do so, first turn on the device by double tapping the side, then 'A tap' (tap the left or right side of the wristband closest to the screen) until you reach the 'Settings' screen. 'B tap' (tap the side of the device closest to your hand) to enter Settings. Here you will see the options to set time, weight or height as you 'A tap' your way through. 'B tap' to enter any of these options. 

When setting time, weight or height, 'A tap' will increase numbers and switch between yes and no commands while 'B tap' will confirm a setting and move to the next number. 

To exit the Settings screens, simply allow the screen to time off after roughly 5 seconds.